Digital Marketing,
Just for Retail

Retail businesses everywhere are working to find ways to stand out from the big box retail stores of today. It’s not enough to simply say you’re locally owned and operated—you need to show current and potential customers that you’re able to provide exceptional prices and even better customer care. That’s where we come in! Whether it’s helping you gain visibility online, managing Search Engine and display marketing or setting up targeted ads and creating unique designs to promote new sales, our goal is to help you do it all.

Our team has years of experience working with retail businesses throughout the US, and we’ve worked with dozens of brands and manufacturers over almost 10 years!

How We Do It

Search Engine

First thing’s first: if you search {Your Industry} + {Your City} in Google, Bing, or any other search engine, does your business show up on the first page? If it doesn’t, our team of SEO experts can help shine a spotlight on your presence online. By utilizing years of experience and the industry’s finest tools, our mission is to help your organic rankings rise so your sales can follow suit!

Retail customers are more focused than ever online. Competing with Amazon is possible with our unique system for driving online, floor and quote traffic which helps you to explain your greatest offering. Touch, feel and take it home!


Whoever said there’s no such thing as bad publicity clearly didn’t work with retail businesses. We’re deep in the information age and people love nothing more than choosing whether or not they want to shop at a business by judging their online reviews.

Step one: We’ll monitor those reviews for you and craft up unique responses to the good, the bad, and the downright ugly to make sure your customers know you’re listening.

Step two: Find ways to increase good reviews to compete in a crowded space to both online and retail customers by motivating employees and sales staff to earn great reviews!

Search Engine

Wish there was a way you could create a direct line straight from potential customers right to your website? With Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay Per Click, you can target the thousands of people looking for the exact products you’re selling! Our team has years of experience and certifications to help you navigate the complex and competitive SEM landscape. From banner and display ads to video ads and retargeting, we’ll develop an advertising campaign that produces results!

Promotion &
Creative Design

Want to have a holiday blowout sale or let customers know about a new line you just added? Our in-house graphics team creates branded, eye-catching promotional creative for every platform that draws the attention of your customers! Pair that with professionally designed email blasts, online ads, social media posts, and yes, even TV and radio commercials too, and you’ve got a marketing battalion working for your benefit!

Industries We Live For


Whether you’re a furniture superstore selling a variety of big name brands or if you’re a small business selling one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted pieces, we’ll help you reach the right buyers and work to generate floor and online traffic.


With so many big box stores to purchase appliances, it can feel overwhelming trying to compete—but don’t worry. Our team has worked with dozens of different brands and companies to develop specific, results-oriented digital advertising plans that move the sales needle.


Don’t let anyone fool you, the mattress industry is tough! People are only buying mattresses every 8 years or so, and that’s if they follow best practices. So how do you grow your business? Compete online. The buyers of today are cross-shopping online before ever testing a mattress and the sale is won or lost in search engines!


TVs, sound and home automation. The future of electronics starts online and ends in a sale in your store. Competing against big-boxes and Amazon is all about being in front of customers at the right time and reminding them of the power of buying and installing tomorrow.

Home Goods

From framed pictures to rugs, vases, pillows, and more, there’s no denying how much people love their home goods! Showcasing these items online is more important than ever for cross-shopping and upgrade sales! Let us help you showcase what you’ve got to the people who’re looking!

Brands We Work With

We’ve had the pleasure of working with scores of retail businesses throughout the United States and it’s helped us to build a service platform, JUST FOR RETAIL BUSINESSES. We understand the needs and challenges facing the retail industry and that allows us to create a customized digital strategy aimed at helping your business grow and reach more customers.